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Best Start

Croydon Council are introducing a new model of working for early years professionals, children's centres, health visitors and midwives to provide the best possible outcomes for parents/carers and their families.  Best Start will provide services and outcomes that will assist and support parents/carers and families in the Borough. 


Integrated Performance - Better Outcomes

An integrated performance framework will bring together statutory and local targets and performance data so that there can be clear monitoring of the impact of the Best Start service. 

Proposed outcomes:-

  • children are healthy and well, emotionally and physically
  • children are prepared and ready for school
  • children are safe and protected from harm
  • parents are self-reliant and have strong and supportive social networks
  • parents are healthy and well, emotionally and physically
  • parents can access employment and training
  • practitioners are confident, skilled and work together to deliver high quality and inclusive services. 


Design Principles

Principles for Croydon Best Start model is that:-

  • the service is needs-led with a clear and purposeful vision (Parent-led)
  • practitioners will work to the same principles and approaches (One team)
  • indicators will capture short, medium and long term impact (One Performance Framework)
  • activities will be tailored to meet these indicators (Integrated Commissioning Framework)
  • the service will utilise a range of appropriate skills to deliver best outcomes (Multi-disciplinary)


Delivery Model

Community (HCP) and Parenting Aspirations and Parenting Skills

Parenting aspirations and parenting skills will be delivered through a strong community offer that will harness the energy and social capital of the local communities.  This will include utilising children's centres service access points.


Universal and Universal Plus (HCP) and Child Development and school readiness

Child development and school readiness will be delivered through a commissioned offer by designed children's centres and are commissioned through host agencies.


0-5 HCP Child and Family, Health and Life chances

Delivery of the Healthy Child Programme, led by Croydon Health Services through blended teams composed of practitioners who are able to support at all stages of a child and family journey during their crucial early years.   These centres will be both visible and accessible across designated children's centres and service access points. 


Universal Partnership Plus Early Help Pathway

Development of a dedicated team, supporting families where they may benefit from a more tailored, individual approach, both empowering and enabling them to move forward with their lives and achieve their own aspirations.