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Welcome to Rainbow Group


Rainbow Group is part of Crosfield Nursery and is specifically for children with SEND and medical conditions, aged 2-4 years. Places at Rainbow Group are allocated via the Local Authority, following set criteria.


Rainbow Group operates during term time only.


When a place is allocated for your child staff will contact you to arrange a settling in programme. Staff will talk with you about your child’s development and individual needs in a transition meeting. A home visit will also be offered as well as settling in sessions when you will accompany your child to nursery.


Your child will be allocated a member of staff who will establish a significant relationship with you and your child. This member of staff will greet you and your child at the start of each session and give you feedback at home time. This member of staff will show you where to sign your child in and out of our attendance register.  This person will also collect together written observations and photos of your child to share with you at regular intervals.   


The nursery has a SEND Coordinator, Rachel Le who will provide Individual Support Plan targets for your child in consultation with all the other professionals involved in your child’s care. These targets will be reviewed with you approximately once every six weeks.


Meet the Rainbow Group Team

Executive Head                                           Jaqi Stevenson

SEND Coordinator                                       Rachel Le

Class Teacher                                              Fiona Unwin

Early Years Educator                                   Lisa Wade

Early Years Educator                                   Sarah Williams

Early Years Assistant                                  Dawn McFarland

Administrator                                              Clare Davis


The children in the Rainbow Group are supported by a full-time nurse to cater for their medical needs.


The Rainbow Group has support from a Speech and Language Therapist and a Physiotherapist. Many other professionals give support and advice to meet children’s needs.


The Rainbow Group sessions are flexible to suit the needs of families. All children are offered 15 hours of sessions.


Session times:

5 mornings        8.45 am – 11.45 am

5 afternoons    12.30 pm – 3.30 pm

3 days                9.45 am - 2.45 pm


The team follow the EYFS curriculum which is tailor-made to meet the individual needs of each child through assessment, observation and planning.


Throughout snack times and the lunchtime period, staff support the dietary needs of all the children; this enables them to join in a ‘social mealtime experience’ with their peers. All staff have received eating and drinking training via the speech and language therapist. Staff are also experienced with gastronomy, bolus and NG tube feeding and work closely with the nurse to support children with these needs.