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Welcome to Snails!


Your child will be in one of our nursery classes: snail, caterpillars, ladybirds or butterflies. A ‘key person‘ is allocated for your child; this person will talk to you about your child’s development and establish a significant relationship with your child. 


Snail Class is a new addition to Crosfield nursery school for two year olds from September 2016.  We are based in the family room/ garden area every morning for 5 days a week.


The key person should be the person you talk to if you have any questions or concern.


Meet the team

Class Teacher                              Sarah-Jane Penn     

Acting Deputy Head Teacher       (Physical Development and Maths Co-ordinator)



Early Years Educator/                   Katie Fox (starting 12/12/16)     

Room Leader  


Early Years Assistant                    Nicola Gardner

Early Years Assistant                    Debra Carpenter


“We have lots of fun playing together in and outside and helping the children develop their personal, social and emotional skills, their physical skills including their self care and their ability to communicate; listening, understanding and speaking!”