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Nursery School and Children's Centre

Federation of Crosfield and Selhurst Nursery Schools and Children’s Centres

Who's Who

Crosfield Nursery



Executive Head of Federation

Jaqi Stevenson


Deputy Head Teacher


Danny Bissex



Melodie Blake

Nursery Teachers


Sylvie Nichol

Sian Philpotts


Early Years Educators


Sally Andrews

Mary Crinnegan

Laura Tang

Loma Agyemang-Duah

Joanne Ransley

Katy Fox

Jyoti Baharkhada



Early Years Assistants

Liz Davis-Owen

Cheryl Eckhardt

Sonya Downs

Nicola Gardner

Debra Carpenter

Kirsti Gabriel

Madge Mooney

Janet Flood

Deborah Smith


Lunch Time Supervisor

Akpene Avorkliyah





Clerical Administrator

Sue Leaver


Finance Administrator

Flora Lobo


Premises Manager

Paul O'Keefe


Premises Officer

Moussa Halido



Daphne Eccleston



Rainbow Group




Rachel Le


Class Teacher

Marta Nobre



Clare Davis


Early Years Educator


Lisa Wade

Sarah Williams

Trish King

Shamini Cohen


Early Years Assistant


Dawn McFarland

Nicole Iesi


Chelsey Ireland

Frances McGonigle

Daisy Killick




Governing Board


Clerk to Governing Board


Octavo Clerking Services


Chair of Governors


Damian Clark


Vice Chair


Clark Dunstan


Executive Head of Federation


Staff Governor


Jaqi Stevenson


Jeni Murphy


Co-opted Governors

Jenny Bennett




Parent Governors

Michelle McCann

Debbie Turner