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Centre Activities

Crosfield Children Centre staff are skilled and experienced practitioners who are on hand to share some of the joys and challenges of child-rearing with you.  The Core Purpose of the children's centre is to deliver child development and school readiness outcomes for children and their families.  Our responsilbities will include facilitating community and universal provision both within the Centres and outreach programmes. 


We offer “Stay and Play” sessions for children aged 0 to 4 years old and their parents/carers, in addition to groups specifically for childminders, “Mums-to-be” and their babies.


Other groups and courses are offered in response to community needs and may include courses such as "Musical bumps” and Parenting courses. Details of the days and times of all these can be found on the activities timetable.



Stay and Play

Stay and play with your child in a friendly and safe



Come and spend time having fun and exploring planned

activities with your child. Our activities are suitable for children and families to enjoy together.


The sessions are facilitated by our members of staff who are there to offer support and give you information. Our staff can help you with practical ideas for you to support your child’s learning and development at home.



Our designated childminder sessions offer

opportunities to all Ofsted registered childminders to come together and share good practice and ideas, netork and for their children to play in a safe

enabling environment with quality play opportunities.


Childminders are responsible for planning the

activities for the sessions and tidying up at the end. Also any parents/carers who may be looking for a childminder can also come along.



If you are worried about your child’s talking or

communication, have any questions about his/her speech and language, would like some advice, strategies or tips then come along to our drop in session.


Chatterbox is an information drop in session for Croydon families with children aged 0-6 years who have concerns about their child’s talking or interaction. They are run jointly by Children’s Centre and Speech and Language staff who promote, encourage and support speech,

language and communication development.


Musical Bumps

Top quality friendly music classes with traditional songs and lullabies, musical games and percussion from around the world.


Join us for musical fun and games, learn lots of new songs and move to the beat. Puppets, percussion and props make these sessions lively and engaging. Our classes grow with your children and are carefully planned to support each stage of development—looking at social skills, early literacy and numeracy, school-readiness and those all-important musical skills too!


From new-born to starting school, sing and learn with Musical Bumps!

Baby Café

Baby Cafes are drop-in sessions for pregnant and new breastfeeding mums and dads.


They aim to offer help and support to breastfeeding mothers at any stage in their breastfeeding journey, regardless of the baby's age and no matter how much breastmilk you are giving. You don't need to have a problem to attend - it's a great way to meet other breastfeeding mums.


Baby Café drop-ins are run by a trained staff including lactation consultants and/or health visitors, as well as volunteer peer supporters.


So come along for a chat, and maybe some help or advice whilst enjoying a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit.


The Early Days

Parenthood is one of the biggest life changes you can go through.

You have heard all the stories of broken sleep, crying and the never ending nappy changes, but now you understand what they meant.


New parents/carers can feel lonely or ‘cut off’ from family and friends and have worries surrounding finances or health.


Days can feel long without someone to talk to, so why not come to our new ‘The Early Days’ session... It offers a space for new parents/carers to share experiences, ask questions, find help and advice from professionals, learn how to use baby massage to help with colic or just have some adult conversation and a cup of tea.



Baby Sensory Play

Baby Sensory offers a world of exciting and stimulating sensory experience which give everyone a wonderful sense of well being. Activities and experience vary weekly, there is always something new.


Sensory play is play that uses and stimulates multiple sense in the body. Children learn through their environment and adding sensory experiences helps to stimulate the brain by sending signals that help strengthen neural pathways. This is important for all types of learning and the best part is babies love it!


The session is a perfect time to socialise and build up relationships with other parents and babies. You can join at any point and the sessions are aimed at babies from birth to 1 years old.


Baby Messy Play

Messy play gives babies the opportunity to explore objects and raw materials in a free and unrestricted way. The sensory experience enables them to understand how things feel, smell and taste and it supports their physical development.


Messy play fosters your babies curiosity, imagination and experimentation and practices good concentration.


During this session Maree Waller also offers a specifically tailored 20 minutes of musical bumps. Babies are never too young to enjoy making music and singing.


We teach parents and carers new songs to soothe crying babies and lullabies for sleep time. There are songs for playtime (bouncing, tickling and peek-a-boo) and songs for other daily activities, so noisy babies, feeding babies, sleeping babies and active babies are all welcome.


Toddler Explorers

Come and spend some time having fun playing and exploring with your child, we plan activities especially tailored for children aged between 12-24 months. Lots of the activities are set at a lower level making it easier for your child to access.


During the session children have use of the soft play room. The session is facilitated by a qualified member of staff who can offer support and give you information. Our staff can also help you with practical ideas for you to support your child’s learning and development at home.


Now I'm Two

Now I’m 2 is a structured Stay and Play. We aim to offer support and guidance on getting your child ready for nursery by building confidence, independence and offering advice and help for toilet training, behaviour, speech and language and any other issues you may be experiencing.


We have focused activities and explain your child’s learning and development through play. Our activities are suitable for children and families to enjoy together.


We have information on 2 year funding, local nurseries and pre-schools. Come along and play with us in a friendly and safe environment.



Family Time

Come and spend time having fun and exploring in our amazing outdoor space, with tunnels, tree-house large sandpit, climbing frames, slide, trikes and ride-alongs and much much more.


Our friendly qualified staff will set up equipment and plan age appropriate activities. Staff will be on hand to offer support, help, advice and ideas for your child’s development within your home.


An excellent way to spend quality time as a family!


Saturday Dad’s

Saturday Dad’s is dedicated to dads, grandads, uncles and all male carers to spend quality time in a friendly, safe, enabling environment.


During the session you will be able to explore our fantastic garden, with tunnels, tree-house, large sandpit, climbing frames, slide, trikes and ride-alongs and much much more.


Our children’s centre staff will set up activities that you can enjoy with your child and will be on hand to give support, advice and practical ideas for play at home.


We are always looking for male volunteers to help run this session.


Health Services

  • Midwife appointments
  • Well baby clinics
  • Child development checks


Please see timetable for times and locations.