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Children's Centres Consultation

Croydon children’s centres are part of Croydon Best Start, Croydon’s partnership delivering services for children aged 0-5. The partnership includes families, health visitors, midwives, GPs, early learning practitioners and children’s centres working together to ensure babies and children under-five have the best start in life. 

The role of children’s centres, as set out in the Sure Start Children’s Centre statutory guidance, is to support:
•    child development and school readiness
•    parenting aspirations and parenting skills
•    child and family health and life chances

The council’s financial challenges mean it has to make savings and this means changing the way it delivers some services and reducing others. Services for parents and carers with young children remain a priority and in our recent savings proposals consultation you told us how important the valuable support and resources our children’s centres provide is. We are committed to providing the right Croydon Best Start services, in the right places, with the budget available.


To view the proposal and complete the survey please visitBest Start children’s centres consultation – May 2021 (