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Medicines in School

We do not normally administer medicines in school.  If a child is attending full time this, however, might be necessary.  This should be discussed with the Head Teacher and a form completed giving full details.  All medicines must be stored in the school office.  Inhalers may also be left if your doctor has advised this.


Healthy snack

Drinking water is available throughout the day and we promote the sharing of fruit and/or a drink of milk as a healthy snack during each session.


Heathy eating – Lunch boxes

Children attending over lunchtime bring a packed lunch to school.  This is an opportunity to sit and eat with their friends and a member of staff.  We believe that a healthy approach to food and nutrition begins at an early age and is an integral part of learning for life.


We ask that lunchboxes DO NOT contain chocolates, sweets, nuts and crisps or fizzy drinks. 

We encourage children to eat their lunch, but respect their decision if they choose not to do so and any uneaten food is returned home in its container.


Information about any specific allergies, dietary needs or restrictions should be shared with your child’s key person at the initial meeting.