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Healthy Start

Healthy Start – Do you qualify for the free food and vitamin vouchers?


Families in Croydon are being encouraged to apply for Healthy Start vouchers for free food and vitamins.


Pregnant women and families who receive certain benefits and have a child / children under the age of four, can use the food vouchers for fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables, and fresh milk or formula milk.


If you qualify the following vouchers are available to you:


  • A pregnant woman is entitled to food vouchers for £3.10 per week from when they are 10 weeks pregnant and free vitamin tablets
  • Pregnant women under the age of 18 are entitled to Healthy Start vouchers whether they are on benefits or not
  • Families with a baby under one receive two food vouchers per week worth £6.20
  • For families with a child / children between 1 and 4, each child is entitled to one voucher per week worth £3.10.
  • Children between 6 months and four years are also entitled to free vitamin drops


The free vitamins are specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women and growing children to boost their immune system and aid healthy development. The vitamins are available in exchange for vouchers from the children’s centres and some health centres.


Parents must complete an application form to apply for the vouchers. Leaflets and application forms are available from health visitors, Children’s Centres, the Job Centre, Access Croydon and on line. You can check if you qualify on the Healthy Start website


The free vitamins and food vouchers are being offered as part of Healthy Start - a UK-wide government scheme to improve the health of pregnant women and families with young children receiving certain benefits.


Councillor Alisa Flemming, cabinet member for children, young people and learning, said: “Some parents in Croydon are not claiming the free vitamins and food vouchers for themselves or their children. We urge all parents and pregnant woman to speak to their midwife or health visitor to find out about the free vitamins and food voucher offer or visit the healthy start website.”


For more information, visit the Croydon Best Start website at

Or complete the online application at