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Home School Partnership

We aim to establish close relationships with all our families.  This may start through activities offered in our family room.  These provide opportunities for you to come to the centre and meet the staff and other parents from your child’s earliest days.  We hope it will continue not only through the nursery but also afterwards as you and your child are always welcome to come back to visit us. 


Children enter the nursery classes with rich and varied earlier experiences.  As your child’s first and most important teacher, you will be able to help us understand his/her learning needs and preferences.  We value this information and will work with you to build on the learning experiences you have already given.



A member of staff is available to talk to you each day, but an appointment may be necessary if you need to discuss anything at length.  We have a meeting for new parents in September and parent’s information sessions to discuss different aspects of children’s learning.


Each term, a member of staff meets with parents to discuss your child’s development and progress at home and at nursery.  Reports will be written towards the end of the summer term and there will be an opportunity to discuss these before they are sent home.


Details of various events are sent home by letter. Please read all letters carefully. 



Children are encouraged to take books home on a regular basis.  They have their own book bag, and we expect parents to take books home to choose books and to share them with their children.  This encourages a love of literacy.  We also have a parents’ bookshelf.  There is a wide variety of books on different aspects of parenting as well as books to share with your children.  Books may be borrowed at any time.


We hope families will become involved in as many ways as possible and hope you will attend various events, or maybe help with fund raising.  Help on a regular or occasional basis is always very welcome.