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Federation of Crosfield and Selhurst Nursery Schools and Children’s Centres

Nursery Packages


Crosfield Nursery School admits children aged between three and four years old on a rolling basis throughout the year. The majority of children enter the nursery classes in the September following their third birthday and attend over 5 morning (8.30-11.30am) or 5 afternoon (12.30-3.30pm) sessions each week.


Where capacity exists, full time places or flexible packages with additional hours are offered in response to the needs of children and their families. A full time place may start from 8.00am and continues to 3.30pm.


Full time places or additional hours will be offered once initial 15 hour places have been allocated. The number of these may vary from year to year. When applying for a full time place or flexible package, parents/carers are asked to give their reasons which will be considered according to the criteria in our Admissions Statement.


A charge is made for full time places and any other hours additional to the 15 hour core offer.