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Uniform is available for any parents who would like to choose this option.


Crosfield Nursery School – Elborough Road


If you wish to order uniform displaying Crosfield’s logo, please do so online through:



School Trends at:


My Clothing at:



Children can wear their own clothes if parents do not wish to purchase uniform.


Please think carefully about the clothes you send your child to Nursery in. It's useful to think of their clothing as 'work wear' as children will be involved in lots of different activities both inside and out, many of which are messy. Whilst we do encourage children to use aprons, we would suggest sending your child to Nursery in less expensive, worn or perhaps older clothes.


Children will also need to have appropriate footwear suitable for running, jumping and climbing and waterproof coats to enable them to go outside in the wind and the rain.