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Nursery School and Children's Centre

Federation of Crosfield and Selhurst Nursery Schools and Children’s Centres

Vision and Values

"Together we play, learn and grow"


Statement of Purpose


At Crosfield we see our core purpose as being:

  • to provide a professional, caring environment where all are welcomed, valued and respected
  • to create, within a safe setting, high quality learning opportunities which are fun, exciting and challenging
  • to offer a variety of services to meet the needs of families in our community


We do this by:

  • fostering open communication where the views of all are listened to and respected
  • working in equal partnership with families and carers to meet the needs of children individually
  • reaching out to make services more accessible to families across our diverse community
  • planning learning experiences which allow the freedom to explore and encourage


We all aim:

  • To provide a happy, friendly, secure and stimulating environment where everyone is welcome
  • To work in partnership with parents and carers, sharing our professional understanding with their specialised knowledge of their children’s development
  • To develop positive relationships with adults and children as learning is a shared experience
  • To offer a rich, stimulating, challenging balanced curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • To enable children to experience fun and enjoyment as they learn through play
  • To ensure we identify and make provision for the needs of all children in our care and monitor their progress in all areas of learning
  • To respect and promote understanding and knowledge of our varied religions, cultures and languages so that children develop a sense of wonder together with a spirit of tolerance and understanding
  • To develop our own professional skills and knowledge so we are currently informed about all aspects of working with young children and families
  • To work in partnership with other agencies and professionals to support parents/carers respectfully and effectively