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Nursery School and Children's Centre

Federation of Crosfield and Selhurst Nursery Schools and Children’s Centres

Who's Who


Crosfield Nursery







Acting Executive Head Teacher


Danny Bissex





Anne Addo



Operational Lead / Nursery Teacher

Nursery Teacher


Sylvie Nichol

Amanda Depeza



Early Years Educators





Forest School Lead

Laura Tang

Claire Duffey

Loma Agyemang-Duah

Cheryl Burke


Sally Andrews


Early Years Assistants


Cheryl Eckhardt

Deborah Smith

Liz Davis-Owen

Celyna Garwood-Belvett

Janet Flood (Breakfast Club)

Dorothy Maxwell (Breakfast Club)



Clerical Administrator


Clare Davis



Finance Administrator


Flora Lobo 





Senior Administrator and

Compliance Officer


Tracey Hart




Premises Manager


Paul O'Keefe




Nana Sarpong

Janette Kenton