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Healthy Eating is suitable for parent/carers with children 0-5 years. You can attend with or without your child. There is no crèche during these sessions as we encourage the children to participate with the preparation of the food and cooking. To book a place please see flyer.

Parent/Carers feedback who have attended the course:


"Great course with healthy, quick recipes to make with the kids. Learned a lot and gave me more confidence in the kitchen"


"I loved the course from the beginning to the end, because each and every time I learnt so much. Mainly when I went back home little by little I've tried to practice with my family. Even the tiny tips were helpful at home especially for our welfare. Thank you so much."


"This was so helpful. It was very interactive and gave me confidence to go shopping and try new things. I have saved a lot of money on juices now that we buy fruits and add water, it is so much cheaper. I noticed a change in behaviour now that we no longer have sugary drinks. We are spending more time together as a family because we are cooking together, and we feel less bloated as we are eating less processed food. This course was very helpful really fantastic!

"The instructor was amazing! friendly and informative. I knew of these things but only after the classes did I try and implement these changes. Thank you so much."

Baby Massage is suitable for babies 0-6 months or pre-crawling and their parent/carer. To book a place please see flyer.

Parent/Carers feedback who have attended the course:


" Yes I feel very confident continuing the massaging. I think the course has been excellent. I love that the class is longer than the massage takes, it takes the pressure off and makes it much more relaxing. Hannah is a great course leader and I would recommend others taking the class. My son loved it!"


"This is a nice course. Would sure recommend the course to others and ensure they register for it in Woodside Centre. The tutor was patient enough especially when the babies were crying, was able to give the mothers time to attend to their babies and even repeat it. I will ensure to put into practice what I have learnt. Thanks once again and keep up the good work."


"I'm very happy to have this opportunity. Very useful skill, very professional and friendly staff (Hannah). I will be continuing to massage my baby at home and recommend it to other mums. Thank you so much."


"I feel confident doing the massage at home. I found the training very informative, helpful and Hannah delivered the course with lots of care and patience. I would definitely recommend the course to any mums I know, as in my opinion it relaxes my baby and it helps us bond. We love it."

Bookstart Corner is suitable for 1-4 year olds and their parent/carers. Bookstart is delivered within our stay and play sessions throughout the term. Please speak to a member of staff for more details. To book a place on the next session please see flyer.

Parent/Carers feedback who have attended the course:


"I love that my daughter is more interested in reading books or singing songs. The book helps a lot. I like what my daughter like, paint, do something during the session. Don't stop doing it! I am very grateful for these sessions and time you spend with us and for us! Thank you!"


" Yes I feel more confident in sharing stories and singing rhymes. I like about you everything, lovely session, lot of learning, just more of this."


"It's really good one this lesson, because me and my son talking about things. My son loves different activities, all good."


"My son has enjoyed singing and playing with new children. I have learnt more songs to help my son. We enjoyed doing the homework looking for things and growing carrot tops. We really enjoyed the buggy book too, would do it again"


"It has been a great success for me and my daughter. Also very helpful, the buggy book is a great idea. She always carries that with her. Even the masks we made some more at home. Today’s session was amazing, she enjoyed the rocket and fish making. Thank you for all. We have to try more cutting skills."